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Image by Jason Strull

What We Stand For....

'Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much' 

Values and Ethics


Our Vision:

To offer adventure trek's on a commercial footing that delivers true vale with an exceptional technical level of support 

  • Rogue Sports Travel – This will be the central pillar of the Service offering,  drawing together trekking, climbing, adventures and our charitable support arms. 

  • We aspire to be the instinctive first place to which the adventure family turns for trekking, adventures and training.

  • We will deliver through integrity and professionalism 

Our Mission:

  • To provide a great service, leadership and friendship to our adventure customer base, who aspire to join in our ability to lead you through the worlds most iconic destinations. 

  • To sustain and promote our traditions and esprit de corps

  • To generate a fair deal, non-financial benefits and access to our services in order to provide the best possible adventure trip of a lifetime. 

  • To contribute to indigenous charitable causes. 

Our Ethos:

  • The Rogue Values – Excellence, Integrity, Self Discipline and Humility

  • The Rogue Spirit – Courage, Determination, Unselfishness and Cheerfulness

  • in order to enable the Rogue Mindset – Be first to understand, first to identify and respond, first to provide a solution and always, always with a smile on your face!



Our Point Of Difference


Our UK Guide Standards

Mountain Guides come in many shapes and sizes – the one thing they have in common is their passion for the mountains. Wherever they live and work, they will have a mass of experience, from rock climbing to mountaineering and skiing all over the Alps, and experience of difficult climbs and remote mountains in other ranges around the world.


Our Financial Promise 

We understand more than most the need for flexibility when booking your trip. If an unexpected life change has occurred such as a new baby, injuries or indeed a pandemic, we are insistent on making sure you have the flexibility to make date changes to your trip without extra admin fees or long-winded T's & C's hassle. A simple call can fix the issue.


Integrity to our team means that we live in accordance with our deepest values. It means that we are honest with everyone, and we always keep our word. It's a trait that is highly valued, especially in our leaders. We operate with Integrity from the outset and seek no compromise in that process. As a business we sure won't hide from the facts. 

Integrity Is Everything To Us 


Foreign Travel Advice

We work closely with the UK Governments Foreign and Commonwealth Office to source the latest travel advice for all our customers. Get advice about travelling abroad, including the latest information on coronavirus, safety and security, entry requirements and travel warnings. See their website for the latest


Flights, Insurance & Experience

Rogue Sports Travel are an adventure and In-country specialist for the destinations we operate in. We are not specialists in air ticketing and as a small specialist operator we cannot compete with large companies for flights, so we instead, we send you to them. All out travellers must demonstrate they have appropriate insurance cover.

Base Camp Treking (1).png

If Mt Everest, Machu Picchu or Kilimanjaro is on your hit-list, download the Rogue Sports Travel Trekking guides to inform you of the detail behind the scenes. 


Alternate Rogue Adventures

Our Most Popular Adventures

With backgrounds in mountain and arctic capability, Jungle Instruction and Desert Survival, Rogue Sports Travel is at the frontline, and leading your charge to take you out of your comfort zone. Take a look at some of our most popular adventures and take that first step to an incredible life changing experience.


Western Cape Safari and Namibia

Wildlife Extravaganza


Gorillas in their natural Habitat

Uganda & Rwanda


the Incredible Thai Elephants 

Phuket, Thailand

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