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Phil B

Mountain Guide

As a full-time guide, working all over the world from Peru to patagonia, The Alps to Nepal, I have been fortunate enough to lead multiple back to back treks iacross the world, making some incredible frinds whilst showing some of the worlds most incredible views in the mean time. Like most of the guides ive worked with we see good and bad. I have an established reputation within the guiding world as an ex-military arctic specialist who believes in process to achieve the most productive experience on the mountain. I am very adept at making the right call at the right time and believe everybody wo starts our expeditions has a realistic chance of achieving their aim.

In my early days, I developed a 12-year career in the Royal Marines and a Specialised Military Mountaineering Unit (SMMU). This involved operational and instructor led Mountain and Arctic deployments in the Himalayas, Karakoram, the Alps and particularly Norway. I work in the mountains running tours for Rogue Sports Travel. At Rogue Sports we love the detail. We are very comprehensive in our approach to every trek/expedition and i am at my most comfortable in that environment.

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Phil B
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