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Nikki E

Office Manager

I am an avid Adventure enthusiast. I enjoy going on the treks to support John and Phil. Its my role within Rogue to ensure all the communication is precise and to the point. We love a good natter and a great coffee in the village but communication is vital to ensure all the stress is staken away. I tend to work with the bigger groups, ensuring that all the admin and Rogue clothing is correct prior to issue. I am also adept at heading up our partner office in the country of destination. I am a regular visitor in both season at our offices in Kathmandu, Moshi aand Cusco to ensure all the in-country paperwork and administration is correct allowing for a seemless to the Hotel on day 1. We like to think 'we act as awe intend to go on'.

07398 862 181

Nikki E
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