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The world is a big place, and not without its wonders. Exploring its rugged terrains, entering its wild forests, skiing down its steep white peaks, sailing its fjords are all thrilling experiences that are inspiring. However, it is not always easy to know where to go, or how to go about encountering new geographies and undergoing challenging adventures.

Our guide's offer the ability to take us out of our comfort zone and offer balance whether we are too intrepid or even too scared in the face of a challenge.

At Rogue expeditions, we offer you the perfect guide for your outdoor adventure, whether it's in the Himalayas, the Andes, the Alps, Torres Del Paine, the Rockies or any other range in the world. Below are five reasons why you should hire a mountain guide for your next adventure, read on, and start planning!

1. We keep you safe!

Adventure trips and outdoor activities are great fun and sure to give you a thrill, however, it is also important to stay safe. Active holidays often expose us to risk, and certified mountain guides can help keep us safe.

Because they are well-trained experts, and because they know the terrain and weather so well, they know how to read the conditions and anticipate danger, as well as how to handle emergencies and make the proper decisions when there is a risk. This is especially true if you are going for a more technically trying activity, such as ice-climbing, or attempting a big challenge, like climbing Mont Blanc in the Alps.

Regardless of your training and expertise, and even if you have done safety training courses before, a certified guide is still key in ensuring your well-being. Furthermore, they will be able to assist you in terms of equipment and acclimatisation, which is essential at high altitudes.

2. We Optimise your adventure

Our guides will save you time and ensure you find the best spots. Not only do they know the terrain like the palm of their hand, but they also know how the weather behaves, and they have a network of people in their field of work with whom they exchange knowledge.

A local guide will be able to take you to the best powder spots for skiing, to that secret uncrowded spot with the best views when hiking, up a side of the hill that is less physically challenging and more rewarding in terms of landscapes, and more.

Furthermore, we can also help you take care of logistics, which is especially important when traveling to more remote locations, and when you don't speak the local language. Guides may organise transport, make mountain hut reservations, point you in the best direction for equipment rentals, recommend the best local restaurants and communicate with the local community to help you find what you are looking for. This will help you save time and energy while making your trip an all-around better experience.

3. We teach you new skills

Our Guides have a lot of experience and skills n whichever activity they specialise in. We ensure you are 'Involved' from day one. We are a team and everyone has a role and a purpose when on the hill.

But even if you join a regular tour, you are invited to attend our Mountain Training Centre where will give you tips on improving your skills, and may even be able to accomplish things you didn't imagine were possible. This is true whether it's the first time you try backcountry skiing or if you are an ice-climbing expert.

Additionally, keep in mind that if you have a specific objective or difficulty, an expert guide will be happy to listen and give you the necessary pointers to achieve your goal.

4. Enjoy good company

Our Mountain guides are very knowledgeable and people friendly. They are used to engaging with people from all over the world and sharing their passion with them. This makes them a great company on outdoor adventures - they also like a bloody good laugh and ensure the group carries this quality on all our trips! .

We believe going on guided adventures is a great way to meet new people and strengthen bonds, which is only one of many reasons why outdoor activities enrich our lives!

5. Learn about the history, culture!

Last but not least, our guides are great sources of knowledge and will be able to teach you about the local history, and culture. This is especially true in more exotic, off-the-beaten-path locations.

Don't miss the chance to soak up the knowledge that our guides can bring to the table.

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