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New ventures and the formation of Rogue Sports Travel

Over the years we have seen how the adventure market has changed. Self proclaimed 'specialists' commercially positioning their offering to take advantage of the low rates within some of the poorest parts of the world and being 'unfair' to the local communities that assist in these adventures. Make no bones about it, indigenous communities are the backbone of the service and provide all of the technical support, should companies feel the need not to provide UK guides.

We have operated for some of the biggest groups of trekking and adventure specialists over the years, witnessed good and bad. It's not getting any easier to distinguish between good and bad either with the volume of commercial entities now springing up out of the blue.

Its for this reason and this reason alone that we have decided to set up Rogue Sports Travel, in an attempt to offer a true adventure package undertaken under an ethical and environmentally sympathetic model that ensures you have the correct personnel in place should you need it in an emergency. It's only at that point that you realise taking shortcuts and not engaging the correct team will cost you. We are intent on bringing a package of adventure to the wider audience that fits our values. Courage, Determination, Unselfishness and having a great day with a smile on your face all form part of this. We are a humble bunch that know's its trade. Understanding governance and compliance when both running a business and operating in some of the most harshest environments on earth are all central to our ability to provide a safe and enjoyable trek.

Allow us to discuss with you our plans for adventure and ensure you get exactly what it says on the tin!

Call John on +44(0)7398 862 181 or

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