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New Ventures

It's been a long time working in the mountains, watching and observing all the so called experts championing for position in a sector that is growing year on year. We have all been part of good companies, and bad, over the course of the last 7 years when guiding throughout the world. You notice things that are good and bad and whilst we have never interfered with business ownership issues, there come a time where you simply have to make a stand.

Rogue Sports Travel was formulated to offer Adventure tours to the general public in a manner that continues with our values when on the mountains, these being Excellence, Integrity, Self-Discipline and Humility. We do this by being courageous and determined whilst also being unselfish and all done with humour, especially when its tough.

We have come together to offer adventure packages all over the world, utilising our combined skill sets and vast array of in-country experience to those who share our values and our spirit.

Why Us?

1. Project Reset

Going on an adventure (big or small) is one of the greatest ways to hit the “reset” button. There are all sorts of reasons resetting can be good for mental health. Someone who is consumed with anxious thoughts may benefit from simply taking a walk around the block. Finding a way to pursue activities you enjoy can create space for more joyful experiences that will drive any depression away.

2. Perspective

It in the deepest winter, It can be really easy to lose perspective and get lost in a woe-is-me, “I’m stuck in darkness forever” mindset (We've all been there!). Adventure can pull us out of our dark trenches of sad, hopeless, or anxious minds and shed fresh perspective on life for us. Sometimes it takes legitimate effort to remember the good things-past, present and especially in the future

3. Team Bonding

Whether it’s getting reacquainted with your inner self, spirituality, best mate, or even a perfect stranger, bonding is the best my favourite benefit of adventuring. Even when flying solo, a sense of “Team bonding,” can be achieved. There is just something about getting out of our regular habitat and routines that helps foster genuine presence with ourselves and those around us. Feeling connected is one of the best anti-depressants you can find.

4. Excitement like no other

Think of the last time you went on a trip somewhere. Do you remember the feeling you had leading up to it? Well when it comes to planning for an adventure holiday, this focusses heavily on hope, desire, and an awful lot of excitement-which we all need a little more of, if you ask me! Remember, it doesn’t have to be a trip to be adventurous. It can be something as small as planning to make a new recipe this week (or making your favorite old one!), or doing something on a weeknight that you’d normally only do on the weekend. It doesn’t matter what it is, as long as you’re looking forward to it.

5. Inspiration

Creativity is a survival skill. Unfortunately, creativity is enormously stifled by anxiety and depression. It is so difficult to use our imaginations when we are overwhelmed, which can lead to “tunnel vision”. When we become fixed on one result or destination, things become pretty bleak really fast. Setting out on an adventure will shift your focus just enough to broaden your scope, and possibly inspire change.

6. Confidence

There’s a certain level of risk involved with adventures. You have to be open and willing to try something new, and it might not go the way you planned or hoped. (It might be even better!) Either way, the more adventures you take, the more confident you become in your ability to live through new and unpredictable circumstances. For example, if you decide to take up horseback riding, you will grow increasingly comfortable on the back of the horse. Over time you might challenge yourself to trail riding. This sort of risk taking will strengthen and increase your confidence when facing challenges in all other areas of your life.

7. Memories

Memories can be slippery little devils, but I would hope the majority of your memories of adventuring evoke positive emotions. Humans have an affinity for nostalgia, so creating a collection of memories that remind us of fun, exciting, and creative experiences can be really helpful for combating depressive feelings. When in the thick of a particularly dark season, being able to recall our favorite adventure memories may result in feelings of hope and gratitude, as well as serve as a reminder that depression is not all we’ve ever known.

There are, of course, so many more benefits to adventure-taking than I’ve listed here! I would love for you to share in the comments what you find beneficial or therapeutic about adventures!

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