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Dancing with Mt Aconcagua

Key components of Aconcagua with Rogue Sports Travel:

Lead guides are UK professionals with handpicked Argentinean Guides who are renowned Aconcagua guides who lead each trip.

  • The Rogue Expedition team manages the local outfitter giving us access to unlimited support for every part of the climb.

  • Nearly 30 years of guiding on Aconcagua.

Our Vacas Valley route has a 100% team success. This followed our 2018/2019 season of 85% success (100% on Normal route) which proved our best season to date as we added the Normal Route to our offerings and had overall 100% team success for the 2nd season in a row. This followed our 100% team success in 2016/17.

Vacas Valley Route: This is the tried and tested route that we have been offering since 1990 (private porter support available). Quieter, more aesthetically pleasing, and offering a chance to traverse the mountain, this route employs three camps above basecamp, and offers ample rest and extra days. This route is considered more demanding as you move or carry on each day — Aconcagua at its finest. More about the Vacas Valley Route

This is a shorter and more direct route with porter support to carry group gear (private porter support also available). This trip is competitively priced and includes acclimation days as well as a well-appointed Base Camp, so less moves and carries then Vacas Valley, coupled with less time on the higher mountain camps. This route considered somewhat less demanding as more time spent in a well appointed base camp. More about the Normal Route

While not technical, Aconcagua is a highly underestimated climb. Traveling with the Rogue Expedition team, our nearly 30 years of experience, our knowledgeable, expert guides will greatly increase your chances of summiting and being safe on the mountain. Essential logistics like food prep, quality camps, porter options, and days spent on the mountain may seem like areas where you can “cut corners,” however, we profess the importance of these details along with reasonable team sizes (many of our competitors end up combining teams and can have up to 20 people with just a few guides) are paramount to offering a superb experience.

Over the last 15+ years we have developed a superb system on the mountain that affords you the best chance of proper acclimatisation and summit success. Our Vacas Valley and Normal Route departures have numerous extra days built into the itinerary, and we methodically ascend the mountain with renowned guide staff at the helm.

With a seasonal office in Mendoza, we can quickly respond to issues that arise on the mountain. A low climber-to-guide ratio offers us the ability to closely attend to climbers, which is important to success and safety.

There may be many personal reasons to choose a particular guide service, but there are four main areas of concern that you should look at carefully: safety record, guides, in-country logistics, and pre-trip planning with the climber. In all four categories, Alpine Ascents ranks highest in the climbing industry. No other guide service has the safety record, quality of guides, finely honed programs, food, care, quality, and customer service that we offer.

The expedition was of the highest quality and professional standards. Our guides were excellent leaders that accommodated all skill levels and needs. They exhibited exceptional leadership during the easy and hard times of the expedition. Cleary they are passionate about their craft and excited to share their knowledge. They were also our friends when we needed them to be, and motivators when we needed it the most.

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