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Brunei & Sumatra - Wildlife


Brunei is an independent sultanate on the northwest coast of the island of Borneo in the South China Sea, wedged between the Malaysian states of Sabah and Sarawak. About 80 percent of Brunei Darussalam land area is under forest cover, 60 percent of which has not been affected by human activities. These pristine forests belong to six major types, each presenting numerous variants: mangrove forests over the coastal swamps, peat swamp forests on waterlogged areas further inland, freshwater swamps , along the river banks, heath forests on white sands, mixed dipterocarp forests over the lowlands and lower altitude, and montane forests above 800 metres. Although Brunei is a small country there are plenty of reasons to stop there, as its rainforests are home to some of the animal kingdom’s rarest creatures, many of whom can only be found in this region. A wonder to behold, some of Brunei’s wildlife is so precious

scarce that conservation groups avoid sharing detailed sighting reports and pictures that identify particular steaming waterfalls or shallow pools. You could count yourself among the very privileged few to witness the Pangolin, Praying Mantis, Borneo Horned Frog, Salt Water Crocodile, Borneo Keeled Pit Viper, Proboscis Monkey, Slow Loris and of course the Clouded Leopard in their natural habitat.​

Our 'Sharp Parang' jungle adventure has been designed to provide you with a very unique and enthralling insight into the necessary skills, techniques and procedures you will require if you are to survive in a tropical equatorial environment. X Platoon aim to give you the confidence and ability to understand your surroundings and the environment, protect yourself from the elements, purify water for drinking, source and prepare food, and to make fire from natural resources which due to the annual inland rainfall of 4000 mm are almost always wet.

Essential skills such as map reading and navigation, route selection and movement and river crossings will be expertly covered along with emergency rescue and signal procedures. Vital medical training and situational awareness of the effects this hostile environment can have on the body will be rehearsed until they become second nature, the jungle is an unforgiving environment. The adventure will also provide you with the opportunity to live under your shelter sleeping in a hammock and ‘tuning’ in to the noises and smells associated with the jungle. Of course not to forget, the whole adventure will be great fun and a truly unforgettable experience. ADVENTURE CONTENT The adventure will run over 8 days and 7 nights and will consist of the following: Day 1: Travel from UK to Bandar Seri Begawan (capital) and then on to the hotel. Upon arrival you will be met by transport waiting to drive you to the hotel for much needed rest after the long flight. Day 2: Transport will collect you and your equipment from the hotel and drive you to our jungle camp. The camp is situated in the jungle forest so be prepared to walk a short distance in.

Day 2-4: Jungle Orientation and Survival - The jungle is a harsh and unforgiving place which is hot, humid and wet. It is a condition of permanent dampness, rain or sweat, of stifling windless heat, of dirty clothes, smelly bodies, tense reflexes, and ever-tired limbs, so being able to survive in these extreme conditions takes knowledge, determination, resilience and above all the will to keep going. These 2 days will focus on skills such as:

  • Equipment, clothing and personal preparation

  • Making sleeping shelters and platforms

  • Water concerns including: daily requirements, water sources, purifying water to drink

  • Getting rescued including: signalling methods and attracting attention and emergency ground indication signs and helicopter winch holes

  • Finding food and learning to identify edible plants and fruits

  • Travelling and resting

  • Making and maintaining a fire

  • Predator awareness

  • Medical conditions, symptoms and treatments including water borne diseases, mosquitoes, leeches and ticks

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