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Horseback & Safari

Experience some of Earth’s most inspiring safari destinations by boat, game vehicle, or quad bike. From the forested wilds of Rwanda to the vast plains of Kenya, the ancient desert wilderness of Namibia, and the waterways of the Okavango Delta, explore nature at its most raw and real. With our luxury safari experiences, you’ll get to share unforgettable moments of discovery.


If trail riding and ranching is on your bucket-list, the land of the cow-boy may well be on your radar! Most horse-riding holidays in the USA revolve around ranches and cattle drives - try your hand at roping or follow a herd of cattle through dramatic landscapes. Most of our packages can cope with all abilities and families - some specialise in natural horsemanship whilst others offer the chance to interact with native buffalo as well as cattle.  

If Mt Everest, Machu Picchu or Kilimanjaro is on your hit-list, download the Rogue Sports Travel Trekking guides to inform you of the detail behind the scenes. 

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Everest Base Camp Trekking

Alternate  Mountain Treks

Our Most Popular Mountain Adventures

With backgrounds in mountain and arctic capability, Jungle Instruction and Desert Survival, Rogue Sports Travel is at the frontline, and leading your charge to take you out of your comfort zone. Take a look at some of our most popular adventures and take that first step to an incredible life changing experience.

The Royal Rumble

The Royal Rumble - USA 2024

Yep, we even do Wrestling....The Royal Rumble event 2024

Nordic Skiing World Championships - Trondheim 2025

Nordic Ski World Championships - 2025

This will be an amazing event. Held in Trondheim the Norwegians will be up for this one...

European Athletics Championships - Rome 2024

European Athletics 2024

Stadio Olimpico provides the basis for the European Championships in 2024

Coffee and a chat?

Oh we do love a coffee at Rogue Sports Travel. Our Mountain training scool is situated just above the beautiful village of Crickhowell in The Brecon Beacons. When we are not on the mountains we do love a coffee in some of the best coffee shops and cafés of this picturesque town. if you're in the area we'd love to meet and chat all things adventure & if you can't make it............ drop us a line...

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