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Mount Aconcagua 2024

Rogue Sports Travel Team

All good businesses are supported by great staff. A cliché thrown around by most companies but we believe we have great subject matter experts in this field who carry and enormous amount of skill and experience into the service we offer. Loyalty, Integrity, humility, unselfishness are all values we hold dear to our work. For the record, we also love a good laugh. You'd be amazed how important laughter is when the chips are down. We will build on our introduction to formulate an environment where everybody makes a contribution and gets the very best experience....

Everest Base Camp 2023
Base Camp Treking (1).png

If Mt Everest, Machu Picchu or Kilimanjaro is on your hit-list, download the Rogue Sports Travel Trekking guides to inform you of the detail behind the scenes. 


Paul T - Scotland

“Watching other groups suffer at a higher altitude because they took the wrong options further down the hill made me thankful for your guidance throughout - Good Job, great team vibe throughout and a Job very well done mate - My sincerest thanks! 

Dwayne C - Wales

"Thank you, Thank you Thank you, for your application to detail. Everything was fantastic, from when we first applied to when we returned to the UK. Ive never listened so attentively to anything in my life. We will never forget our time in the Khumbu. "

Thandi P - South Africa

“Im not sure which was my favourite part, the incredible views, the people we met along the route or the friendship's we've made for life? We absolutely loved it, so much so that we think Island peak maybe next.....”

Did we say we love a coffee....?.

I know right....Coffee and a chat set's the world right huh? At Rogue Sports Travel we just love taking a break at ideal opportunities for a photo or if its just to chat about any forthcoming plans....A chat and a coffee is our benchmark for communication. If you cant make it down to The Brecon Beacons then just get in touch....

Rogue Sports Travel - We love a coffee!
UK Mountain Training School
Rogue Sports Travel

If you have any doubts aor are simply unsure of wheher to take the leap and book on one of our treks, why not join us for a 2 night stay at our Bivouac in The breacon Beacons - Try before you buy may turn out to be a good strategy for you..? 

Try before you buy..?
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